Hi-Count Sportfishing


In late summer/early fall of 2013, the Hi-Count will offer swordfishing trips. The Hi-Count has been sponsored by Avet Reels. We now have an arsenal of 3 speed, 80 size reels to allow us to pursue these oceanic gladiators. The Hi-Count will offer traditional nighttime swordfishing trips, and also combo daytime deep-drop/nighttime trips. Our unique reverse overnight trips will give anglers two prime windows of opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime. These fish are truly majestic and should be at the top of every angler's bucket list.

Xiphias gladius! If this fish isn't on your bucket list, you need a bigger bucket!  The warm water we are expecting this year could bring about some exciting additional catches. Makos, threshers, opahs, and more could all be making guest appearances during our night time swordfishing trips. These trips will be departing at 6pm and returning at 6am. The cost for this trip is an unbelievable $750. Isn't it time to make the most of a summer that is predicted to be the best in years? All the gear is provided, just come aboard and go out with us. 

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